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Whether you need a small roof-top array or hefty ground-mounted install, our in-house experts are ready to manage every aspect of your project.  Certified designers, experienced installers and local know-how.  The solar trifecta.

Sunwatt Services Include…

  • Free Site Evaluation
  • Design and Engineering
  • Permitting and Utility Application
  • Financing
  • Installation
  • Post Install Maintenance and Monitoring


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An overhead image from a drone showing a multi-array roof install of solar panels on a suburban home.
Sunwatt Projects

About Us

Sunwatt Solar  A full-service residential and small commercial solar installer serving all Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  We make going solar simple by taking on every aspect of the project, from initial site vist to post-installation monitoring.  Sunwatt is committed to offering the best solar outcome to every customer.

We are 'solar' people not 'sales' people.  We'll show you when going solar makes sense, and when it doesn't!  The Sunwatt team prides itself on having an in-depth understanding of current local incentives programs and access to the latest in equipment offerings.  We provide customized, economically viable solutions for each homeowner, farmer and small business owner looking to take full advantage of a solar investment.



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We have installed hundreds of residential projects throughout Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts ranging in size from a small 6 panel array (1.86 kW DC kW) to a 60-panel barn top (20 kW DC) installation.

We have also designed and installed many small-scale commercial projects for area farmers and business owners.


An image of a ground mounted solar array from the front, The array is in a field with trees in the background.
Barn with solar panels


Solar Incentives vary from state to state and are constantly changing. At Sunwatt we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest state and federal solar incentives in order to provide our customers with the best possible return on their solar investment.

Current Incentives Include:

  • Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit.
  • RI Renewable Energy Fund Solar Grant (residential and commercial).
  • RI REG Tariff Program.
  • MA SMART Solar Program.
  • USDA and Ag Grants (farmers and rural small businesses).

Reviewing all available incentives and deadlines with our customers is one of the first steps in the process.



Joshua McCarthy
Joshua McCarthy
SunWatt installed a system on my home and I couldn't be happier. They were great to work with from beginning to end. We have had our system for one year now. It has been performing well. The team has continued to be supportive. In the end it comes down to would I recommend them to a friend or family member and SunWatt gets a yes!
Edgar Adams
Edgar Adams
Reliable and Responsive. Great team! Very Experienced.
Chris Powell
Chris Powell
After extensive research and many consultations we ultimately decided to go with Sunwatt solar. Dana, Aaron, Lars, Joseph, Steve and the rest of the team were outstanding. Throughout the whole process from sales to installation everything went incredibly smooth. They stuck to the timeline and everything was completed in a timely manner. I cannot recommend this company and team enough!
Kate M
Kate M
All the folks at Sunwatt from sales to installation to connection to the grid were so friendly and professional. Easy to get ahold of, honest, and I'm super happy with the panel installation. I never felt like any of my questions were dumb, and now we're making our own power! I've recommended Sunwatt to friends and neighbors and so random stranger, I recommend Sunwatt to you. I've got no regrets.
Working with Sunwatt was amazing! After one too many doorbell rings by other solar companies, we approached Sunwatt to quote out a system for us. They were extremely responsive, proactive, and on top of every detail. Not only was the pricing extremely competitive, they took the time to speak in depth with my husband and I about the nuances of our specific set-up. They handled all the components of the solar project, keeping my husband and I up to speed on everything, but allowing us to get on with our daily life. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat!
We had a great experience using Sunwatt Solar. The team in the office and the installers were very professional and pleasant to work with. They help you with all of the paperwork and every step along the way with excellent communication throughout the entire process from start to finish. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
BJ DiSalvia
BJ DiSalvia
Dana and the Sunwatt team were great to work with. They answered all of my many, many questions fully. The install went smoothly and was completed in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to add solar to their home.
Andrew Mallon
Andrew Mallon
As PhD scientist and entrepreneur, I was fortunate that I selected SunWatt after a rigorous process of analyzing >12 potential installers by inspection of the formal contract offerings and based on reputation and value (Paid in full, no financing). I was advised by independent experts that Sunwatt and 2 other companies were trusted and were regularly applying for max $5000 RI incentive grants to contribute towards installation. The total cost was highly competitive and cost matched any other offer, with or without RI grant, which they successfully arranged on my behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend SunWatt and hope that they can expand in capacity vs other disreputable installers. I assessed that 8/12 other companies were fundamentally unacceptable: not applying for RI grant ($5k), misrepresenting contract actually being provided, providing grossly inflated projects or predatory loan/financing. I had one friend who paid the same price for a system with 50% the capacity and misleading/predatory loan terms that have significantly harmed her. Fortunately, such predatory companies tend not to escape the attention of the RI DOJ...
Joseph Iacobbo
Joseph Iacobbo
We chose Sunwatt for our solar installation for two reason. Frist their quote was very competitive compare to the other quotes we received. Second when working with them and asking question about options and the system they provided very technical answers compared to some of the other companies we contacted who provided more of a "sales pitch" answer. They were very honest about some of the con's of the options which helped us set realistic expectations of our system. As a result we have been very happy with our solar system as it meets our needs and there were no surprises. Additionally, the work they did was excellent. We didn't have any issues with any part of the install. I would like to thank both Dana and Aaron who were very helpful through the whole process.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea
Dana and Arron were very professional. Answered all technical questions in easy to understand dialogue . Took care of all paperwork for incentivres and permits, etc. Easy process for the homeowner . Highly recommend. Best price among 3 bidders.