Sunwatt Solar

Finance Options

Westerly Community Credit Union: Stay local and finance with Westerly Community Credit Union based out of RI. Westerly offers a fixed rate solar loan with no upfront fees.

Terms and Rates: Solar loans range from 4-10 years with fixed rates between 5.25%-5.75%.

  • No Fees; financed price is the same as quoted cash price.
  • Tax Credit Portion can be floated for 12-Months at 0% interest. A 5% fee on the tax credit amount will be added to the cost of the loan.
  • Credit Score of 700+ required for lowest rates. Minimum Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) of 50% required for loan approval.


Sunlight Financial Solar Loan: Sunlight Financial is a national solar loan provider that offers a variety of loans with a mix of low rates and upfront fees.

Terms and Rates: Solar loans are offered for 10, 12, 15, and 20-year terms. With a 3.99% fixed rate on 10 and 12-year loans and a 4.99% fixed rate on the 15 and 20-year.

  • 14% upfront loan fee added to out-of-pocket cash price.
  • Tax Credit can be applied to the loan during the 16-Month Interest only period.
  • Automatic Re-Amortization after 16-Months on remaining loan balance.
  • Rates dependent on credit score (700+ for best rates). No Debt to Income requirement for credit scores over 700.


There are no loan minimums or early repayment fees for either financing option. Homeowner can pay a portion of the product in cash and finance the remaining balance. Lenders may require financial documentation including but not limited to Income Tax Fillings and Pay Stubs.


~Always Talk to your Mortgage Lender about a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit as a finance option for your Solar Installation. Home Equity Options usually offer the lowest available Interest Rates.~


Sunwatt Solar Loan Option Comparison

Solar Installation will vary depending on the system size, incentive eligibility, and equipment specs. Out-of-pocket cost of $15,000 is based on a standard 18 Panel Net Metered installation approved for the RI Renewable Energy Fund Grant incentive.